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Unicom Seminars

20 March 2014
Kensington Close Hotel

Forum Background

11/07/2013 - By Unicom

The perception of Enterprise Architecture today is as much or more – about the domain of the business as of IT; the focus on business drivers facilitates better long-term strategic planning as well as day-to-day implementation. This in turn requires an integration of high level strategy, business processes, data and IT capabilities. The focus of this event is on business requirements, which stress emphasis on establishing a common language between business and IT. The underlying theme of the event is to bridge the gap between IT models and managing delivery, which is seen as essential in today’s environment. 

This conference is led by enterprise architects who are experienced in current best practice.  Through interactive panels and discussion sessions, delegates can fully participate in discussions and share real time experiences and expertise. Participants can also examine their current EA structure and evaluate the tools and methods and so optimize their investments and ensure their business strategy is on track for growth and development.


Topics to be covered include:

  • Enabling EA as a solid, flexible scaffolding for meeting business needs
  • Integrating stakeholder requirements
  • The role of Enterprise Architecture in achieving business agility
  • Legacy Migration and Modernisation
  • The changing role of the Enterprise Architect
  • Optimising the use of frameworks and models to underpin EA.


Presentations from last Septembers event:

Why do Architectures Fail? - Robbie Forder, Hi-Q Systems .pdf
Case Study: Simone Milani-Foglia (LCH.Clearnet) - "LCH.Clearnet Enterprise Architecture" .pdf
David Rose (Boardroom Associates) - 'Just Enough EA' .pdf
Other presentations pending...